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Different kinds of defects, such as corrosions, notches and cracks etc, exist in pipes. Mode choice is important since unfortunately not all ultrasonic guided wave modes are suitable for these kinds of defect detection. T(0,1) mode which is non-dispersive is the lowest and fastest torsional mode and most suitable for defect detection in pipes. Two(More)
This paper proposes a new multichannel time reversal focusing (MTRF) method for circumferential Lamb waves which is based on modified time reversal algorithm and applies this method for detecting different kinds of defects in thick-walled pipe with large-diameter. The principle of time reversal of circumferential Lamb waves in pipe is presented along with(More)
This paper presents a method for measuring circumferential Lamb waves propagating on a cylindrically curved thin plate. The measurement is carried out using a wideband and line-focused poly(vinylidene fluoride) transducer along with a defocusing waveform measurement method. After synthesizing the acquired waveforms, interference patterns can be obtained and(More)
Ultrasonic guided wave (UGW) is a promising technique for nondestructive testing of pre-stressed multi-wire structures, such as steel strand and wire rope. The understanding of the propagation behaviours of UGW in these structures is a priority to applications. In the present study, first the properties of the UGW missing frequency band in the pre-stressed(More)
Compared with body waves, ultrasonic guided waves can provide more local characteristic information about the interface in the defect detection of adhesive structures. In the paper, the expressions of the reflection and transmission coefficients of the lowest SH mode (SH0) in multilayered plate-like adhesive structure were deduced on the basis of wave(More)
This paper investigates a new method for fabrication of broadband line-focus ultrasonic transducers by sol-gel spin-coating the poly(vinylidene difluoride-trifluroethylene) [P(VDF-TrFE)] copolymer film on a concave fine-polished beryllium copper backing. The ferroelectric hysteresis loops of the P(VDF-TrFE) films spin-coated from different molar ratios of(More)
Long-range guided wave inspection is a new emerging technology for rapid pipeline inspection. In this paper, a digital signal processing method based on a synthetic technique and a direction control technique is introduced to process pipeline inspection signals. With this method, signals from different directions can be separated and structures including(More)
In this paper, guided wave health monitoring in plate structure for detection of nonlinear contact scatter is conduct using vibration modulation technique. By time-frequency analysis of modulated guided wave series, the nonlinear responses at frequency of vibration are extracted out and used for defect imaging. It is shown that the nonlinear guided wave(More)