Cuneyt Ozer

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The aim of this study was to compare the effects of both neuronal NOS (nNOS) and inducible NOS (iNOS) inhibitor 2-iminobiotin, with the more selective nNOS inhibitor N(ω)-propyl-L-arginine (NPLA) and selective inducible NOS (iNOS) inhibitor aminoguanidine, on emotional learning, working memory and reference memory, by using three panel runway and passive(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of a potent nitric oxide-guanylate cyclase activator, 3-(5'-hydroxymethyl-2'-furyl)-1-benzylindazole (YC-1), on learning and memory functions in aged rats. MATERIAL AND METHODS Rats were divided into 2 groups as 4-month-old and 24-month-old rats. Rats received YC-1 (1 mg/kg/day) for 2 weeks(More)
BACKGROUND Tracheal stenosis constitutes one of the most frequently seen problems in thoracic surgery. Although many treatment modalities to prevent fibroblast proliferation, angiogenesis, or inflammation that causes tracheal stenosis have been attempted, an effective method has not yet been found. In this study, a transforming growth factor beta3(More)
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