Cun-jun Li

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It is of significance to monitor chlorophyll content with hyperspectral data for crop growth diagnosis in field. In the study, with the point of view that spectral curve shapes display "tall, low, fat and thin" morphological changes, we proposed some new characteristic parameters from spectral curve such as the ascensive or degressive velocities of segments(More)
Chinese-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite No. 2 (CBERS-02) has good spatial resolution and abundant spectral information, and a strong ability in detecting vegetation. Based on five CBERS-02 images in winter wheat growth season, the spectral distance between winter wheat and other ground targets was calculated, and then, winter wheat was classified from each(More)
Wheat protein content is an important indicator often employed in wheat sale price. Spectral indexes and concurrent winter wheat protein content (WWPC) samples were obtained across three years. Data from 2008/2009 and 2009/2010 were utilized to build the new ratio indexes and product indexes, and then selected grey relational method and partial least(More)
Using Pushbroom imaging spectrometer (PIS) and FieldSpec ProFR2500 (ASD), spectral reflectances of winter wheat and maize at different stages were collected synchronously. In order to validate the reliability of imaging spectral data, the red edge position of hyperspectral data for PIS and ASD were extracted by different algorithms, respectively. The(More)
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