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This paper proposes a new texture description method named Chromatic Statistical Landscape Features(CSLF) for color images. The pro-hue pseudo intensity imageis extracted from a color image based on pro-hue pseudo function which measures the degree of a color containing the amount of the reference color component of hue. Besides prohue pseudo intensity(More)
This paper proposes a new method for describing Dynamic Texture (DT). DT is an extension of still texture to temporal domain, which contains motion features and appearance features. An Extended Statistical Landscape Features (ESLF) method is proposed for DT description and recognition by characterizing the motion and appearance features. The proposed ESLF(More)
Detection of linear structure is a very important problem in image processing and computer vision. The task of finding lines in 2D images has long being studied, but the work in 3D space does not have any promising work yet. This paper investigates the issue of line detection for range images. It proposes an approach to find a wire-frame composed of lines(More)
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