Cun-Jun Feng

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Flat surfaces or areas with no local gradient are general types of terrain in raster Digital Elevation Models (DEMs). When a DEM is used for automated hydrological analysis, it is necessary to assign flow directions over flat surfaces. This paper presents an improved algorithm for assigning flow directions over flat surfaces that builds on earlier work and(More)
Calculating drainage accumulation in a digital elevation model (DEM) is a common requirement for hydrology and terrain analysis. This letter presents a basin tree index (BTI) algorithm to improve the efficiency of this calculation, achieving the time complexity of <inline-formula> <tex-math notation="TeX">$O(N)$</tex-math></inline-formula> and the(More)
Depression filling and assignment of drainage directions over flat surfaces, two of the common requirements of digital terrain analysis and other related hydrological work, are usually considered as stand-alone steps. This paper presents an integrated algorithm and its pseudocode combining the two steps to increase the efficiency of the overall process. We(More)
Depressions (or pits) and flat surfaces (or flats) are general types of terrain in raster digital elevation models (DEMs). Depressions are lower areas surrounded by terrain without outlets, and flat surfaces are areas with no local gradient. To extract hydrologic or geomorphic properties from DEMs, these two types of terrain need to be addressed. This(More)
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