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Compression is necessary in medical image preservation because of the huge data quantity. Medical images are different from the common images because of their own characteristics, for example, part of information in CT image is useless, and it's a kind of resource waste to save this part information. The region selective EZW coder was proposed with which(More)
The solar street lamp system using GPRS and ZIGBEE technology is designed in this paper. The street lamp management system is composed of GPRS wireless mobile network and ZIGBEE short-distance wireless network. Users can view the real-time parameters of street lamps on the computer (or mobile phone), and at the same time, can also set up some working(More)
The novel cable-driven anthropomorphic-arm manipulator (CDAM) mentioned in this paper is a 7-DOF hybrid redundant mechanism which fuse the advantages of redundant manipulator and cable-driven mechanism. This paper focuses on the stiffness of the CDAM and gives the Cartesian stiffness matrix calculation process. The process can be divided into three steps:(More)
Voltage differential feedback control system based on repetitive control is proposed in this paper. The scheme, which can improve the dynamic characteristic and steady state performance by Capacitor voltage as outer loop while its differential as inner loop without current sensor, is achieved on a three-phase PV inverter with TMS320F2808. Two different(More)
To solve the trajectory tracking control problem for rigid-link robot manipulators including actuator dynamics, a novel neural network (NN)-based adaptive algorithm is discussed. In the proposed control algorithm, radial basis function neural network (RBFNN) is adopted to approximate the nonlinear dynamics of the robot manipulators' electromechanical(More)
Three-level active neutral-point-clamped converter topology makes the loss distribution between power semiconductors possible, which limit the further development of now widely used Three-level converter. To implement the strategy in controller, this paper proposed a controller consist DSP and CPLD, in which DSP can run the main strategy with its high(More)
This paper describes the characteristics of cascaded converter and details the work of cascaded H-bridge multilevel converter which use phase shifted carriers pulse width modulation. Use cascaded H-bridge multilevel converter instead of ordinary inverter, we can get a photovoltaic power generation system which has a multilevel output voltage. The PV system(More)
Pulse-width-modulation (PWM) method is a crucial technique to construct multilevel converter. A hybrid PWM combining the merits of both space vector PWM (SVPWM) and selective harmonic elimination PWM (SHEPWM) is proposed for the five-level active neutral-point clamped converter. SVPWM can lead to high DC voltage utilization and low ripple current at low(More)
This paper develops a distributed cooperative voltage control scheme involving primary and secondary voltage control for an autonomous microgrid (MG). The proposed distributed control algorithms are able to implement the fully local communication and control function among the inverter-based distributed energy resources (DERs) at the secondary stage.(More)
With the rapid development of distributed generation (DG), more and more renewable energy is transformed into power through grid-connected inverters. Islanding detection is the key technology of the grid-connected inverter. Because of the shortcomings of the traditional voltage positive feedback islanding detection method in the power balancing, a new(More)