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Compression is necessary in medical image preservation because of the huge data quantity. Medical images are different from the common images because of their own characteristics, for example, part of information in CT image is useless, and it's a kind of resource waste to save this part information. The region selective EZW coder was proposed with which(More)
The novel cable-driven anthropomorphic-arm manipulator (CDAM) mentioned in this paper is a 7-DOF hybrid redundant mechanism which fuse the advantages of redundant manipulator and cable-driven mechanism. This paper focuses on the stiffness of the CDAM and gives the Cartesian stiffness matrix calculation process. The process can be divided into three steps:(More)
In the AC drive system, the control performance is highly dependent on the accuracy of the electromagnetic parameters. In order to reduce the influences of the parameter variations, a new scheme for on-line rotor time-constant and magnetizing inductance estimation in induction motors is proposed. The algorithm is obtained by interlacing a Bi-Loop recursive(More)
With the rapid development of photovoltaic (PV) power generation, technology of the grid-connected photovoltaic system becomes an important part of the photovoltaic power generation. Based on this background, grid connection techniques of T-Type three-level grid-connected inverter with an LCL filter is studied in this paper. The subject combines SPWM(More)
A new modulation method is proposed to solve the unbalancing problem of neutral-point potential in the DC side in three-level (3L) three-phase neutral-point-clamped (NPC) voltage source inverters. Based on properties of current balancing of three phases and redundant short vectors, different short vectors have different time distribution factors, which can(More)
The performance of stepper motor is closely related to the driving method. Stepper motor subdivision drive is used to transform Servo system of CA6140 lathe. With this method, it can reduce the motor step angle, thereby decreasing machine pulse equivalent to improve the precision of servo control and precision machining.
The traditional three-level active neutral point clamped (ANPC) inverter voltage space vector pulse width modulation(SVPWM ) control method requires a lot of trigonometric calculation and sectors to determine, so the computation of the controller is huge, especially when the level number of the inverter is increased, requiring voltage space vector and(More)
A photovoltaic controller is a converter which can transform the energy generated by photovoltaic cells and control the battery charging and discharging. The maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technology can maximize the efficiency of photovoltaic cell and effectively improve the efficiency of photovoltaic power generation system. The single-phase buck(More)
In the independent photovoltaic systems, the accurate estimation of the remaining capacity of the battery will greatly extend the lifespan of the system and improve the reliability of the system. This paper based on the method of Ampere-hour, the initial state of charge (SOC) is estimated by the open-circuit voltage method, the initial SOC and the real time(More)
The paper is based on vector control research on field-weakening control strategy of induction motor. In field-weakening induction motor torque output declines, in order to improve dynamic performance, on the basis of the existing voltage closed-loop field-weakening control strategy, the torque current tracking error is handled on the calculation of the(More)