Cun-Gen Liu

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This paper proposes a novel approach to similarity-based approximate reasoning in an interval-valued fuzzy environment. In a rule-based system, an ‘if ... then ...’ rule can be translated into an intervalvalued fuzzy relation by suitable implication operations. The similarity grade between a case and the antecedent of a rule is computed and used to modify(More)
Knowledge-based modeling is a trend in complex system modeling technology. To extract the process knowledge from an information system, an approach of knowledge modeling based on interval-valued fuzzy rough set is presented in this paper, in which attribute reduction is a key to obtain the simplified knowledge model. Through defining dependency and(More)
As a complex decision-making process in ship production design, block division is largely dependent on the experiences of ship-designers. Thus, how to quantify these experiences so as to make the alternatives feasible within a reasonable framework has become a key to the problem. In this paper, we propose a method of vague-based rough decision-making to(More)
By defining a partial ordering relation on vague domain of unit interval, a definition of vague sets on a lattice V(I) is given in this paper. Applying the classical extension principle, the corresponding vague logical operators defined on V(I), are constructed with fuzzy logical operators on unit interval. The representations for a general model of vague(More)
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