Cuirong Wang

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Wireless sensor networks routing protocols always neglect security problem at the designing step, while plenty of solutions of this problem exist, one of which is using key management. Researchers have proposed many key management schemes, but most of them were designed for flat wireless sensor networks, which is not fit for cluster-based wireless sensor(More)
Iterative computation is pervasive in many applications such as data mining, web ranking, graph analysis, online social network analysis, and so on. These iterative applications typically involve massive data sets containing millions or billions of data records. This poses demand of distributed computing frameworks for processing massive data sets on a(More)
Iterative computations are pervasive among data analysis applications in the cloud, including Web search, online social network analysis, recommendation systems, and so on. These cloud applications typically involve data sets of massive scale. Fast convergence of the iterative computation on the massive data set is essential for these applications. In this(More)
Myriad of graph-based algorithms in machine learning and data mining require parsing relational data iteratively. These algorithms are implemented in a large-scale distributed environment to scale to massive data sets. To accelerate these large-scale graph-based iterative computations, we propose delta-based accumulative iterative computation (DAIC).(More)
Myriad of data mining algorithms in scientific computing require parsing data sets iteratively. These iterative algorithms have to be implemented in a distributed environment to scale to massive data sets. To accelerate iterative computations in a large-scale distributed environment, we identify a broad class of iterative computations that can accumulate(More)
Wireless sensor networks (WSN) will enable the reliable monitoring of a variety environment for both civil and military applications. These networks require robust wireless communication protocols for the purpose of balancing the load and prolonging the network lifetime. In this paper, we propose a novel hierarchical routing protocol based on artificial(More)
In mobile ad-hoc networks, the data tends to be intercepted by malicious node when using a single path for transmission. In this paper, we propose a secure routing protocol based on multipath routing technology, namely AODVsec, which divides a data unit into several data pieces and transmits these pieces through different paths. By setting security level on(More)
A routing algorithm (fuzzy dynamic routing protocol, FDRP) based on fuzzy logic-based was proposed for mobile ad hoc networks (MANET). It is applied to manage routing policies and to enhance routing performance dynamically. The parameters in MANET were classified with fuzzy degree of membership. The different parameter values were selected according to the(More)
A fundamental challenge in data center networking is how to efficiently interconnect a huge amount of servers. The network architecture typically consists of a tree of routing and switching elements with progressively more specialized and expensive equipment moving up the network hierarchy. Unfortunately, even when deploying the highest-end IP(More)
Servers workload in the cloud environment should be balanced in order to achieve high efficiency and reduce resources consuming. One of the solutions is based on workload prediction, and design a proper load migration and balancing strategy. For the ease of discussion, we focus on CPU workload only in this paper. Specifically, considering the(More)