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Annexin II receptor induces apoptosis independent of Annexin II
Annexin II receptor (AXIIR) is also known as chromosome 5 open reading frame 39 (C5orf39), it was originally identified as a cell surface receptor for Annexin II. AXIIR gene is peculiar to human. SoExpand
Random small interfering RNA library screen identifies siRNAs that induce human erythroleukemia cell differentiation
Cancers are characterized by poor differentiation. Differentiation therapy is a strategy to alleviate malignant phenotypes by inducing cancer cell differentiation. Here we carried out a combinatorialExpand
Small interfering RNAs screened from random siRNA library direct neuronal differentiation
Directed neuronal differentiation is crucial for development of cell therapy and investigation of neurogenesis. However, limited differentiation-inducing agents are available and most of currentExpand
[Knockdown of proteasome subunit α7 with small interfering RNA inhibits cell proliferation of K562 cell line].
OBJECTIVE To study the effect of human proteasome subunit Α7(PSMA7)gene silencing by small interfering RNA(siRNA)on human myeloid leukemia cell line K562. METHODS PSMA7 gene-specific siRNA wasExpand
Isolation of siRNA target by biotinylated siRNA reveals that human CCDC12 promotes early erythroid differentiation.
Erythroid differentiation is a tightly regulated multi-step process that has not been fully elucidated. We previously reported that a siRNA screened from random siRNA library, siRNA clone-67, inducedExpand