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With the popularization of information and the establishment of the databases in great number, and how to extract data from the useful information is the urgent problem to be solved. Machine learning is the core issue of artificial intelligence research, this paper introduces the definition of machine learning and its basic structure, and describes a(More)
It’s necessary to choose the optimal route in traffic network. Various foreign researchers have done a lot of research and improvement. The traditional optimal routing algorithms were represented by Dijkstra algorithm, and they all not only had high complexity but also had the disadvantage of not reflecting the dynamic very well. In this paper, a new(More)
Focusing on the deficiencies of the existing IRT parameter estimation algorithm, the Resilient Back propagation algorithm and variable learning rate learning algorithm are used in the basis of artificial neural network algorithm to improve the network convergence speed, and the genetic algorithm is used to solve the local minima problem, then the improved(More)
Item Response Theory (IRT) is a psychological and educational measurement theory which breaks the limitations of Classical Test Theory (CTT). The core issue of IRT application is parameter estimation. Taking the Logistic model as an example, this article introduces the basic models and parameter estimation methods of IRT, especially the IRT parameter(More)
With the development of internet, web information increases fast, how to filter information which users wanted quickly and accurately is becoming a big problem. But the traditional keyword based search system's recall rate and precision are yet to be improved. Kam-so, the user interesting collaborative filtering model based on multi-agent is put forward.(More)
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