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PURPOSE To investigate the use of the whole-breast sound speed measurement as a marker of breast density (BD), a known risk factor for breast cancer. METHODS As part of an ongoing study of breast cancer detection, 249 patients were scanned with a clinical prototype that operates on the principles of ultrasound tomography. Typically, 40-100 sound speed(More)
Information networks are ubiquitous in many applications and analysis on such networks has attracted significant attention in the academic communities. One of the most important aspects of information network analysis is to measure similarity between nodes in a network. SimRank is a simple and influential measure of this kind, based on a solid theoretical(More)
DNA hydroxymethylation and its mediated DNA demethylation are critical for multiple cellular processes, for example, nuclear reprogramming, embryonic development, and many diseases. Here, we demonstrate that a vital nutrient ascorbic acid (AA), or vitamin C (Vc), can directly enhance the catalytic activity of Tet dioxygenases for the oxidation of(More)
There is a trend that, virtually everyone, ranging from big Web companies to traditional enterprisers to physical science researchers to social scientists, is either already experiencing or anticipating unprecedented growth in the amount of data available in their world, as well as new opportunities and great untapped value. This paper reviews big data(More)
Neural cross talk between visceral organs may play a role in mediating inflammation and pain remote from the site of the insult. We hypothesized such a cross talk exists between the duodenum and pancreas, and further it induces pancreatitis in response to intraduodenal toxins. A dichotomous spinal innervation serving both the duodenum and pancreas was(More)
The concept of dominance has recently attracted much interest in the context of skyline computation. Given an N-dimensional data set <i>S</i>, a point <i>p</i> is said to dominate <i>q</i> if <i>p</i> is better than <i>q</i> in at least one dimension and equal to or better than it in the remaining dimensions. In this paper, we propose extending the concept(More)
Five kinds of Schiff bases of chitosan and carboxymethyl chitosan (CMCTS) have been prepared according to a previous method and the antioxidant activity was studied using an established system, such as superoxide and hydroxyl radical scavenging. Obvious differences between the Schiff bases of chitosan and CMCTS were observed, which might be related to(More)
Recently there has been a lot of interest in graph-based analysis. One of the most important aspects of graph-based analysis is to measure similarity between nodes in a graph. SimRank is a simple and influential measure of this kind, based on a solid graph theoretical model. However, existing methods on SimRank computation suffer from two limitations: 1)(More)
We study the problem of question topic classification using a very large real-world Community Question Answering (CQA) dataset from Yahoo! Answers. The dataset contains 3.9M questions and these questions are organized in more than one thousand categories in a hierarchy. To our best knowledge, this is the first systematic evaluation of the performance of(More)