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Information networks are ubiquitous in many applications and analysis on such networks has attracted significant attention in the academic communities. One of the most important aspects of information network analysis is to measure similarity between nodes in a network. SimRank is a simple and influential measure of this kind, based on a solid theoretical(More)
The concept of dominance has recently attracted much interest in the context of skyline computation. Given an N-dimensional data set <i>S</i>, a point <i>p</i> is said to dominate <i>q</i> if <i>p</i> is better than <i>q</i> in at least one dimension and equal to or better than it in the remaining dimensions. In this paper, we propose extending the concept(More)
Recently there has been a lot of interest in graph-based analysis. One of the most important aspects of graph-based analysis is to measure similarity between nodes in a graph. SimRank is a simple and influential measure of this kind, based on a solid graph theoretical model. However, existing methods on SimRank computation suffer from two limitations: 1)(More)
There is a trend that, virtually everyone, ranging from big Web companies to traditional enterprisers to physical science researchers to social scientists, is either already experiencing or anticipating unprecedented growth in the amount of data available in their world, as well as new opportunities and great untapped value. This paper reviews big data(More)
N(6)-methyladenosine (m(6)A) is the most prevalent internal modification present in mRNAs of all higher eukaryotes. With the development of MeRIP-seq technique, in-depth identification of mRNAs with m(6)A modification becomes feasible. Here we present a transcriptome-wide m(6)A modification profiling effort for rice transcriptomes of differentiated callus(More)
We have previously shown that pancreatic sensory neurons in rats with chronic pancreatitis (CP) display increased excitability associated with a decrease in transient inactivating potassium currents (I(A)), thus accounting in part for the hyperalgesia associated with this condition. Because of its well known role in somatic hyperalgesia, we hypothesized a(More)
DNA methylation has been proven to be a critical epigenetic mark important for various cellular processes. Here, we report that redox-active quinones, a ubiquitous class of chemicals found in natural products, cancer therapeutics and environment, stimulate the conversion of 5 mC to 5 hmC in vivo, and increase 5 hmC in 5751 genes in cells. 5 hmC increase is(More)
Substance P (SP) is commonly coexpressed with ACh in enteric motor neurons, and, according to the classical paradigm, both these neurotransmitters excite smooth muscle via parallel pathways. We hypothesized that, in addition, SP was responsible for maintaining the muscular responsiveness to ACh. We tested this hypothesis by using botulinum toxin (BoNT/A), a(More)