Cuiling Liu

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Water content of crude oil has always been an important indicator of evaluating the exploiting capacity of an oil field. Accurate rate of water content will optimize the production and decrease energy consumption. Due to the complicated working condition, large-scale experiments are designed and carried out in the simulation device of multiphase flow. After(More)
This paper starting with the present status of enterprise interoperability, focuses on enterprise interoperability of SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises), and based on a SMEs oriented framework of enterprise interoperability proposes an approach of process level interoperability. The approach appropriate for SMEs mainly solves two types of(More)
Crude oil moisture content is a significant data of surface flow rate, and is also an indispensable parameter of measuring the development prospects of oilfield. During logging mining the oil field and the transportation, high precision measurement data of crude oil moisture content can optimize production parameters and improve the tar productivity.(More)
A method for determination of palmitic acid in edible oils by the near-infrared spectroscopy was addressed in this paper. 56 samples were collected in the experiment. In terms of concentration content gradient method, 44 samples were selected for modeling set and 12 for testing set. This paper described the utilization of PLS for establishing a quantitative(More)
A quantitative technology based on near infrared spectroscopy (NIR) is proposed to detect pesticide (chlorpyrifos) residues in vegetables in the paper. There are three groups of samples (totally 100 unit, concentration from 0.1mg/kg to 4mg/kg) used in the experiment. The first group sample is confected to simulate vegetable juice to validate feasibility of(More)
The temperature of the medium oil in the super-high pressure kettle is one key control parameter for the test apparatus of the super-deep well environment. The process of heating the medium oil is a complicated process of heat transferring among multi-medium, which is of the large time delay, uncertainly of control system, etc. Based on the sufficient(More)
Soft sensing method was proposed for determination of effluent BOD from SBR and its principle was introduced, the method was based on the radial basic function (RBF) artificial neural network. The RBF neural network was trained and simulated by a lot of observed data, and the result showed that the RBF neural network may be used to fulfil soft sensing for(More)
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