Cuijie Feng

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Driven by the development of water purification technologies and water quality regulations, the use of better source water and/or upgraded water treatment processes to improve drinking water quality have become common practices worldwide. However, even though these elements lead to improved water quality, the water quality may be impacted during its(More)
An atrazine-degrading strain Arthrobacter sp. ZXY-2 was originally isolated from Jilin Pesticide Plant (China). Strain ZXY-2 demonstrated excellent atrazine degradation performance and saline tolerance. Here we report the complete genome sequence of strain ZXY-2 contained a circular chromosome and five circular plasmids encoding for the mechanism of salt(More)
Sludge predation by aquatic worms results in an increased sludge reduction rate, which is mainly due to the specific removal of a protein fraction from the sludge. As microorganisms play an essential role in sludge hydrolysis a better understanding of the microbial community involved in the worm predation process will provide more insight into the relations(More)
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