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Consider revising medium temperature used LM35 temperature sensor, what is an economic and feasible method. This study mainly researches the applicability of LM35 temperature sensor in soil temperature testing field. Selected the sensor, and based on the theoretical equation between the sensor output voltage and Celsius temperature; introduced correction(More)
To compare efficacy, survival outcome and prognostic factors of conventional transarterial chemoembolisation (cTACE), drug-eluting beads TACE (DEB-TACE) and yttrium-90 radioembolisation (Y90) for the treatment of liver metastases from gastroenteropancreatic (GEP) neuroendocrine tumours (NELM). This retrospective analysis included 192 patients (58.6 years(More)
It has been reported that thoron levels in China are above the world average and may therefore make a significant contribution to the natural background radiation dose. We therefore conducted a pilot study of concentrations of both thoron and radon progeny during the spring of 2006 in the Beijing area, China. A new type of portable 24 h integrating monitor(More)
The total field/scattered field technique(TF/SF) is the most popular source technology of the finite difference time domain methods(FDTD methods), but the technology will induce electromagnetic field leakage of the incident wave into the scattered field regions since that the electrical components and the magnetic components are cross-placing in the grids(More)
In order to detect on-line potted crop's water consumption, the water consumption detection system to potted experiment is designed. It is mainly consist of the following sections: soil pot, funnel, water tank, water consumption sensor, leakage sensor, counterweight, dynamic strain gauge and computer, etc. With inputting the pulse signal, dynamic response(More)
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