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The largest diameter and area of the head of the caudate nucleus in the CT slice closest to the foramina of Monro were compared to other conventional parameters used in confirming Huntington's disease and contrasted with two groups of non-Huntington patients. A maximum diameter under 6.5 mm and an area under 92.5 mm2 were indicative of, but not specific(More)
Palinoptic, visual perseverative, or prolonged positive after-image phenomena have most often been met in right-sided occipital pathology. Less frequent with left-sided lesions they can be associated with the alexia without agraphia syndrome (with or without color naming deficit or hemifield loss). This is illustrated by our case in which rapidly fading(More)
FSH-secreting pituitary adenomas can affect sexual and reproductive function. In this article, we have reported the case of a 32-year-old male with secondary infertility. The patient had sexual and reproductive disturbances. The test results of the blood samples indicated obviously decreased testosterone (T) and estradiol (E2) levels. Based on previous(More)
Bilateral clefts are more difficult to treat than unilateral ones. The most important step during the orthopedic therapy is the retrusion of the premaxilla between the lateral segments of the maxilla. Thus the anterior cleft width, as opposed to the medial and posterior cleft width, did not become smaller. The position of premaxilla is mainly shown in the(More)
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