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Due to the rapid diffusion of improved crop varieties, fewer and fewer landraces are being grown by farmers. The on-farm conservation of crop landraces has been proposed as means of conserving potentially important crop germplasm as an alternative to its ex situ conservation in gene banks, but the effectiveness of this approach is unproven. Particular(More)
Diachronic analysis showed no significant changes in the level of genetic diversity occurred over the past 27 years’ domestication, which indicated genetic diversity was successfully maintained under on-farm conservation. Rice (Oryza sativa L.) is one of the earliest domesticated crop species. Its genetic diversity has been declining as a result of natural(More)
Rice landraces, a genetic reservoir for varietal improvement, are developed by farmers through artificial selection during the long-term domestication process. To efficiently conserve, manage, and use such germplasm resources, an understanding of the genetic structure and differentiation of local rice landraces is required. In this study, we analyzed 188(More)
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