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Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a neurodegenerative disorder characterized by a progressive loss of cognitive function. Evidence indicates that abnormal processing and extracellular deposition of the beta-amyloid42 peptide, the longer form of proteolytic derivative of the transmembrane glycoprotein-amyloid precursor protein (APP), is a key step in the(More)
This paper proposes a method which describes the information precision with a soft fusion model, instead of the traditional rigid fusion method. The method is divided into two steps, the pretreatment model and fusion center model. Each forms a relative independent model, and the two models have a progressive relationship. The former is used for consistency(More)
Data-intensive application within cloud environment needs huge data transfer and migration. In order to optimize the use of data resource, improve the reliability of data and reduce data-access latency and bandwidth consumption, a replica pre-adjustment strategy based on trend analysis of file popularity is proposed. This replica strategy adaptively and(More)
The application of intelligent optimization algorithm in data mining has become widespread already. However, it’s still a brand new research area in the application of Ant Colony Algorithm(ACA) in data mining. This paper thus proposes a fuzzy data mining algorithm which is based on MAX-MIN Ant System(MMAS). In this algorithm, the membership functions which(More)
Now there are many researches on the assessment of sea surface temperature(SST) by remote-sensing at home and abroad, most of which focus on cross-validation of SST data and on-site measured data. For the non-measured waters, it's not easy to carry out assessment of SST, and now most of the assessment are an area average or macroscopic assessment based on(More)
Using thirteen satellites sea surface temperature (SST) from infrared radiometers (AVHRR, MODIS) and microwave radiometers (TMI, AMSR), a set of high-quality, cloud-free, high-resolution(0.25°) merged SST product was generated through a method of extended revisal point. The area of merged SST product and extended revisal point product(More)
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