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In the CDMA cellular mobile communication system, the order of neighbor cell list (NCL) determines whether the mobile station can make a success handoff to the best neighbor in time. Therefore, the success rate of handoff depends on the suitability of the NCL's management, which directly affects network performance. Traditional NCL algorithm used the method(More)
With the development of P2P, there are some new applications such as P2PSIP and intercommunication of heterogeneous DHTs (Distributed Hash Table). In the scenario of P2PSIP, there needs some nodes acting as all kinds of proxies of SIP; and as to intercommunication of heterogeneous DHT, there need some nodes to be the gateway roles to complete the(More)
—P2P systems can be used to form a low latency decentralized data delivery system. Structured P2P systems provide both low latency and excellent load balance with uniform query and data distributions, however, in the real application environment, requests distributions are often skewed and follow a Zipf law, some objects will become hotspots, individual(More)
The main contribution of this work is to give a new and explicit calculation of the fade margin and cell coverage improvement with hard- and soft handoff for the reverse link in CDMA systems. Since call outage analysis for the handoff technique is important for evaluating the performance of CDMA systems, we relate the outage probability with practical(More)
—TD-LTE technology put up some new challenge to network optimization and configuration. In this paper, we grouped the parameters and KPIs(Key Performance Index) into 9 kind of dimensions according to scenarios in TD-LTE, they are basic information of RAN, basic physical/logical resources allocated to network elements, time interval/event scenarios,(More)
Under the background of large-scale addition of new base stations in CDMA networks, co-PN-offset interferences and adjacent PN-offset interferences are much prone to happen. In this paper, the great significance of PN offset optimization are discussed, three existing methods are described, and a new automatically implemented strategy of PN offset(More)
Optimizing wireless networks represents a complex task, directly affecting quality, coverage, capacity and cost. In this paper, a new coverage presentation method based on geographic information system is proposed for coverage optimization in CDMA work. The proposed method represents a novel approach in that it focuses on distribution of successful access(More)