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Catalase plays an important role in the metabolism of marine bacteria and has potential impact on the marine environment. Four PCR primers were designed to amplify the catalase gene fragments in marine bacteria by applying metagenomic DNA from Yellow Sea surface water as the template. Of the four reproducible target PCR products, the longest one with 900 bp(More)
This paper presented a method, termed MVCCD<inf>FD</inf>(Multivariate coherence decomposition), for mapping coherent brain sources at given frequencies. By calculating averaged coherence over all pairs of channels, we can know at which frequencies there are strong coherence. And then, by utilizing MVCCD<inf>FD</inf>to corresponding frequencies we can get(More)
Distributed PV system, based on repetitive control technology and network inverter control policies on the PV grid system harmonic content of real-time dynamic tracking and suppression. At the same time, the control method is also widely used in large-scale photovoltaic power plants among the network harmonic suppression. However, the majority of the light(More)
Micro-grid is being developed as a building block for the future of smart grid systems. Islanding detection is a big challenge, the connection of distributed generation (DG) in the power system. Islanding detection method is divided into three groups based on the method of communication, active and passive methods. Method-based communication tools are built(More)
Interactions between cortical areas are crucial for cognitive functioning. We develop a method, called Multivariate Correlation Coefficient Decomposition, to access such interactions.By decomposing multi-channel mutual correlation coefficient(CC) matrix into individual CC, which is taken as mapping parameter, this method can map temporarily correlated(More)
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