Cui-Ying Fan

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While genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have discovered thousands of risk loci for heritable disorders, so far even very large meta-analyses have recovered only a fraction of the heritability of most complex traits. Recent work utilizing variance components models has demonstrated that a larger fraction of the heritability of complex phenotypes is(More)
A finite crack is studied in two-dimensional (2D) infinite piezoelectric medium with arbitrary electric poling direction in the present paper. A self-consistent method is employed to obtain the real crack opening and the electric field in the crack cavity under combined mechanical-electric loadings. The influences of poling direction and electric boundary(More)
Based on the operator theory, the general solutions of the extended displacements and stresses in three-dimensional piezoelectric media are expressed in terms of two potential functions. By introducing the generalized Almansi's theorem and the Hankel transform, the obtained general solutions are further simplified and expressed by harmonic functions.(More)
N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors (NMDARs), a subtype of glutamate-gated ion channels, play a central role in epileptogenesis. Recent studies have identified an increasing number of GRIN2A (a gene encoding the NMDAR GluN2A subunit) mutations in patients with epilepsy. Phenotypes of GRIN2A mutations include epilepsy-aphasia disorders and other epileptic(More)
We study free vibrations of a circular AT-cut quartz resonator using the two-dimensional scalar differential equation by Tiersten and Smythe in conjunction with COMSOL. Resonant frequencies and mode shapes are obtained and compared with available experimental results as well as available analytical solutions of the scalar equation. The accuracy of various(More)
In this paper, the Hybrid Extended Displacement Discontinuity-Charge Simulation Method (HEDD-CSM) [1] is used to study the mixed mode cracks in two-dimensional finite piezoelectric media under combined mechanical-electrical loadings. The HEDD-CSM combines the extended displacement discontinuity method (EDDM) and the charge simulation method (CSM). The(More)
The measurement of mechanical and electrical properties has become an important topic in studying low-dimensional piezoelectric materials. In this paper, the analytical solution of a piezoelectric beam is derived based on the Bernoulli hypothesis and the three-dimensional constitutive equations. The bending behaviors of the piezoelectric cantilever beam(More)
Due to their pronounced piezoelectric, dielectric and pyroelectric properties, thermo piezoelectric materials have being widely used in sensors, actuators, transducers and intelligent structures, etc. Considering thermal effects, this paper derives the fundamental solutions for uniformly distributed extended displacement discontinuities on rectangular(More)
Based on the operator theory, the general solutions of the extended displacements and stresses in two-dimensional thermopiezoelectric media are expressed in terms of a potential function. By introducing the Fourier transform, the fundamental solutions for the unit point extended displacement discontinuities are derived. The extended displacement(More)