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Creating product lines of Big Data stream processing applications introduces a number of novel challenges to variability modeling. In this paper, we discuss these challenges and demonstrate how advanced variability modeling capabilities can be used to directly model the topology of processing pipelines as well as their variability. We also show how such(More)
Stream processing is a popular paradigm to process huge amounts of data. During processing, the actual characteristics of the analyzed data streams may vary, e.g., in terms of volume or velocity. To provide a steady quality of the analysis results, runtime adaptation of the data processing is desirable. While several techniques for changing data stream(More)
Big data applications with their high-volume and dynamically changing data streams impose new challenges to application performance management. Efficient and effective solutions must balance performance versus result precision and cope with dramatic changes in real-time load and needs without overprovisioning resources. Moreover, a developer should not be(More)
This paper presents a new system for human gait data acquisition and analysis. The system is based on a network of wearable nodes with embedded sensors, which consists of two data acquisition nodes and a handled control center node. And the system is not restricted to a specific environment in the experiment. In this paper, we discuss the initial design of(More)
This paper designs a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) wireless data acquisition system, which consists of a UAV surface signal acquisition subsystem and a ground data processing subsystem. The system can continuously measure air pressure, acceleration, temperature and other signals of the UAV surface in real time. These signals are sent to the ground base(More)
In large and complex systems there is a need to monitor resources as it is critical for system operation to ensure sufficient availability of resources and to adapt the system as needed. While there are various (resource)-monitoring solutions, these typically do not include an analysis part that takes care of analyzing violations and responding to them. In(More)
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