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In this paper, the problems of control and synchronization of a new hyperchaotic Lorenz system with uncertain parameters are studied. Based on the Lyapunov stability theory and the adaptive control theory, this new uncertain hyperchaotic Lorenz system is suppressed to its unstable equilibrium. Furthermore, synchronization between two identical uncertain(More)
In modern retail business, increasing standards, automation, and technologies have led to vast amounts of data becoming available, however, business decision-making process has become complicated. Traditional database system has been unable to meet userspsila demand in mass data intelligent analysis & forecast. How to change the existing situation of(More)
In modern business, vast amounts of data are accumulated, which makes the decision-making process complicated. How to change the existing situation of "mass data, poor knowledge", support better business decision-making and help enterprises increase profits and market share become the business and IT sector issues of mutual concern. Business intelligence(More)
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