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Coxsackieviruses A10 (CV-A10) and A6 (CV-A6) have been associated with increasingly occurred sporadic hand-foot-mouth disease (HFMD) cases and outbreak events globally. However, our understanding of epidemiological and genetic characteristics of these new agents remains far from complete. This study was to explore the circulation of CV-A10 and CV-A6 in HFMD(More)
  • Wei Liu, Z. Li, +13 authors Wuchun Cao
  • Clinical infectious diseases : an official…
  • 2010
BACKGROUND In early September 2009, an outbreak of influenza occurred at a college campus in Beijing, China, in which both pandemic H1N1 and seasonal H3N2 viruses were detected. METHODS Outbreak investigation was performed in the campus. Epidemiologic, clinical data were collected by interviewing patients and retrieving medical records. Individual contact(More)
Neuroligins belong to a highly conserved family of cell adhesion molecules that have been implicated in synapse formation and function. However, the precise in vivo roles of Neuroligins remain unclear. In the present study, we have analyzed the function of Drosophila neuroligin 2 (dnl2) in synaptic development and function. We show that dnl2 is strongly(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore HIV virological failure and drug resistance among injecting drug users (IDUs) receiving first-line antiretroviral treatment (ART) in China. DESIGN A series of cross-sectional surveys from 2003 to 2012 from the Chinese National HIV Drug Resistance (HIVDR) Surveillance and Monitoring Network. SETTING China. PARTICIPANTS Data were(More)
It is known that transmitted drug resistance (TDR) will most likely emerge in regions where antiretroviral therapy (ART) has been widely available for years. However, after a decade of rapid scale-up of ART in China, there are few data regarding TDR among HIV-infected patients prior to initiating first-line ART in China. A prospective, observational cohort(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence of virological failure and HIV drug resistance among Chinese patients one year after initiating lamivudine-based first-line antiretroviral treatment. METHODS A prospective cohort study with follow-up at 12 months was conducted in four urban sentinel sites in China. Antiretroviral naive patients ≥18 years old were(More)
BACKGROUND China's National Free Antiretroviral Treatment Program (NFATP) has significantly scaled up and standardized treatment since 2008. Meanwhile, no study worldwide has examined on a large scale the effects of rapid ART programme scale-up on treatment outcomes in resource-limited settings. METHODS We used China's national HIV drug resistance (HIVDR)(More)
Dehong prefecture, Yunnan province on China's southwestern border was the gateway of the country's AIDS epidemic. Studies on HIV-1 molecular epidemiology will provide key information on virus transmission dynamics and help to inform HIV prevention strategies. HIV-1 infected youths (age 16-25 years) diagnosed in the continuous 3 months in 2009 to 2012 were(More)
Antiretroviral therapy has significantly expanded and an increased proportion of patients have switched to second-line regimens in China. We describe the outcomes of second-line therapy among patients having received long-term first-line ART. A prospective follow-up study was conducted in rural areas in China. We compared the virological, immunological(More)
The aim of this study was to analyze the distribution of clusters and drug resistance of CRF01_AE among newly diagnosed, treatment-naïve HIV-infected teenagers and young adults in 3 major HIV-affected geographic regions of Guangxi Province, including the cities of Hezhou, Liuzhou, and Nanning. Samples were sequentially collected from newly diagnosed(More)