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The color tags that many soccer robots home and abroad have been used at present are analyzed in this paper. It also lists their advantages and disadvantages. Took all factors into consideration, and combined with rules of the game, this paper designs a new type of color tag to make the identification algorithm easy and the system output accuracy. In the(More)
This paper presents a new technique for high resolution direction finding that only requires the array outputs to be sampled one at a time by a single channel receiver. According to single channel output, we establish a new processing model. The new model is structurally similar to the conventional multiple channel model and the only difference is that the(More)
Water quality adjusting system of thermal power plant is a large time-delay and time-varying controlled object. The control quality of the Fuzzy immune adaptive control and conventional Smith control is not satisfied. In order to solve the time-delay and time-varying problem, a fuzzy immune adaptive Smith-PID controller is presented. The controller combines(More)
According to the character of the volume-lag of the controlled process of three-tank-system, Smith predictor was adopted to compensate three-tank-system fuzzy adaptive control system. Fuzzy adaptive Smith predictive control system is composed with Smith predictor and fuzzy adaptive controller. The PID parameters were setting on line. This algorithm uses(More)
ATM(Asynchronous transfer mode) network was introduced in this paper. It has high transmission speed. It's transmission distance is not limited. It gathers voice transmission, image transmission and audio transmission in integral whole. China map was selected as network background and 10 cities (Wuhan, Beijing, ect.) were selected as nodes. The simulation(More)
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