Cuba Brant

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OBJECT One hundred seventy-two children with high-grade astrocytomas were treated by members of the Children's Cancer Group in a prospective randomized trial designed to evaluate the role of two chemotherapy regimens. Seventy-six percent of the patients (131 children) in whom a diagnosis of either anaplastic astrocytoma or glioblastoma multiforme was(More)
In co-operatively breeding birds and mammals, philopatric females are often reproductively suppressed. Many studies have focused on the functional significance of reproductive suppression, but further investigation of the mechanisms involved is required for a complete understanding of this process. This study investigated whether reproductive suppression in(More)
thanks is extended to the six dairy herds that participated in the survey. thirteen Wisconsin dairy herds enrolled in Ag Source DHI registered rolling herd averages exceeding 30,000 pounds of milk. In an attempt to determine what makes these herds successful, six herds were surveyed to outline their housing, feeding and management practices. The herds(More)
OBJECT The pathophysiology of shunt malfunction has not been fully examined, probably because of the paucity of appropriate animal models. Using a canine model of chronic obstructive hydrocephalus, the effects of shunt placement and removal on physiological parameters were evaluated. METHODS Fifteen dogs, nine in which chronic hydrocephalus was induced(More)
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