Csaba Lovász

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Many changes occur in the biochemical composition of microalgae in response to stress conditions. In the present study, two nitrogen-stressed Chlorella minutissima strains (MACC 360 and 452) were placed in media containing a range of nitrogen concentrations (7–700 mg L−1 N). Biomass, chlorophyll a and b, carotenoid, protein and lipid concentrations were(More)
Thirty Chlorella and 30 Scenedesmus strains grown in nitrogen-stressed conditions (70 mg L−1 N) were analyzed for biomass accumulation, lipid productivity, protein, and fatty acid (FA) composition. Scenedesmus strains produced more biomass (4.02 ± 0.73 g L−1) after 14 days in culture compared to Chlorella strains (2.57 ± 0.12 g L−1). Protein content(More)
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