Csaba Bordás

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The main failure mode of electrostatic actuated RF MEMS, the stiction of the bridge due to dielectric charging, is investigated using an appropriate methodology based on the MEMS microwave performances measurement for the failure detection and on the threshold voltages evolution monitoring for the failure analysis. The authors present an advanced(More)
In this paper, the application of LVCSR (Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition) technology is investigated for real-time, resource-limited broadcast close captioning. The work focuses on transcribing live broadcast conversation speech to make such programs accessible to deaf viewers. Due to computational limitations, real time factor (RTF) and(More)
This paper describes a design methodology specifically developed for RF-MEMS based tuner, which translates into optimal performances in terms of both impedance coverage of the Smith Chart and |Gamma<sub>MAX</sub>| value. The design methodology is moreover associated with an RF-MEMS technology developed for medium power (in the watt range) applications and(More)
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