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The design, implementation and deployment of computer applications tightly integrated with complex, changing environments is a difficult task. This paper presents the Multigraph Architecture (MGA) developed for building complex embedded systems. The MGA is a meta-level architecture which includes tools and methods to create domain specific model integrated(More)
The intelligent process control system (IPCS), an integrated environment for developing complex process control and automation systems is discussed, focusing on its real-time fault diagnostics capability. IPCS has been used to build a supervisory monitoring and diagnostics system for a cogenerator plant. The requirements and problems specific to such(More)
The knowledge-representation and compilation techniques used in a model-based, automatic software synthesis environment are discussed. The environment was used to build Caddmus, a system with more than 250 cooperating processes. The real-time execution environment automatically generates a macro-dataflow computation from declarative models. Central to the(More)
This paper describes the application of artificial intelligence techniques in the supervisory controller of a gas distribution network. The main idea was to use symbolic models of the distribution network in the knowledge-based system components. The symbolic models represented various quantitative and qualitative features of the process which made it(More)
Increasing complexity of industrial plants necessitates the usage of advanced programming techniques in process control. Artificial Intelligence programming offers new opportunities in constructing complex software systems. This paper describes an approach which has been used to build Intelligent Process Control System (IPCS). IPCS expand the conventional(More)
This paper describes methodologies and the architecture used in a prototype intelligent supervisory system for hot strip finishing mills in steel manufacturing. The prototype system incorporates a knowledge-based supervisory layer in its top level. The supervisor gathers information from critical areas and warns the operator on abnormalities. The system(More)