Crystal Shaojuan Luo

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Interleaved 23Na- and 31P-nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectra were continuously collected on perfused rat hearts subjected to low-flow ischemia (30 min, 10% flow) or zero-flow ischemia (21 min) followed by reperfusion. During untreated low-flow and zero-flow ischemia, intracellular Na+ (Nai+) increased by 53 +/- 11 (+/- SE) and 78 +/- 8%, respectively,(More)
The role of cation and cellular energy homeostasis in ATP-sensitive K(+)(K(ATP)) channel-induced cardioprotection is poorly understood. To evaluate this, rapidly interleaved(23)Na and(31)P NMR spectra were acquired from isolated rat hearts exposed to direct K(ATP)channel activation from nicorandil or pinacidil. Nicorandil attenuated ATP depletion and(More)
A search of neutrino magnetic moment was carried out at the Kuo-Sheng Nuclear Power Station at a distance of 28 m from the 2.9 GW reactor core. With a high purity germanium detector of mass 1.06 kg surrounded by scintillating NaI(Tl) and CsI(Tl) crystals as anti-Compton detectors, a detection threshold of 5 keV and a background level of 1 kg(-1) keV(-1)(More)
The postischemic generation of oxygen-derived free radicals may contribute to myocardial reperfusion injury by affecting sarcolemmal ion transport. Recent evidence indicates that exposure to reactive oxygen intermediates induces rapid increases in myocardial cytosolic free Ca2+ (Ca2+i). The mechanism is undetermined but may involve disturbances in Na+(More)
Although Ca2+ transport regulation at subcellular organelles is of great interest, only limited methodology has been available for measuring organellar [Ca2+] levels. The present study employs the 19F NMR resonance frequency of 4F-BAPTA to measure free [Ca2+]. In 4F-BAPTA loaded perfused rabbit hearts, two 19F NMR resonances were clearly observed. The(More)
To clarify the role of Na+i, pHi, and high-energy phosphate (HEP) levels in the initiation and maintenance of ischemia-induced ventricular fibrillation (VF), interleaved 23Na and 31P nuclear magnetic resonance spectra were collected on perfused rat hearts during low-flow ischemia (51 minutes, 1.2 mL/g wet wt). When untreated, 50% of the hearts from normal(More)
Phosphorene has attracted great interest due to its unique electronic and optoelectronic properties owing to its tunable direct and moderate band-gap in association with high carrier mobility. However, its intrinsic instability in air seriously hinders its practical applications, and problems of technical complexity and in-process degradation exist in(More)
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