Crystal N. Piper

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AIM The number of haemodialysis patients globally is increasing and spiritual resources may help overcome adjustment problems among such patients. This study examined the relationships between spiritual/religious, demographic and clinical variables and quality of life among Iranian Muslims undergoing haemodialysis. METHODS Using a cross-sectional design,(More)
OBJECTIVES We examined the psychosocial and personal factors that influenced African Americans' decision not to evacuate New Orleans, La, before Hurricane Katrina's landfall. METHODS We conducted 6 focus groups with 53 African Americans from New Orleans who were evacuated to Columbia, SC, within 2 months of Hurricane Katrina. RESULTS The major themes(More)
Asthma is one of the leading chronic illnesses among children in the United States. International epidemiological studies have also shown asthma prevalence is an increasing problem. The objective of this study was to examine the correlates of access to care among asthmatic children age 0-17 in the United States. This is a retrospective study and secondary(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the influence of race and having an asthma management plan on the impact of experiencing asthmatic episodes. METHODS This study utilized the 2002 and 2003 National Health Interview Survey to conduct a retrospective study and secondary data analysis. Univariate, bivariate, and multivariate analysis was performed to examine physician(More)
We examined the relationship between trust in the medical system, medication adherence, and hypertension control in Southern African American men. The sample included 235 African American men aged 18 years and older with hypertension. African American men with higher general trust in the medical system were more likely to report better medication adherence(More)
OBJECTIVE To conduct an evaluation of an educational program based on the health promotion model (HPM) and stages of change to improve physical activity (PA) behavior among Iranian adolescents. METHODS This was a group randomized controlled trial with 165 participants in two groups (intervention/control). Data were collected using self-reported(More)
BACKGROUND Healthy lifestyle habits during adolescence can prevent many of the diseases and disabilities in adulthood and later. The aim of the study was to examine the role of education in improving lifestyles among Iranian adolescents. METHODS This group randomized controlled trial was conducted during October 2010 until January 2011 in Tehran.(More)
Data mining is highly profiled. It has the potential to enhance executive information systems. Such enhancement would mean better decision-making by management, which in turn would mean better services for customers. While the future of data mining as technology should be exciting, some are worried about privacy concerns, which make the future of data(More)
Overweight and obese children continue to be a growing problem, and differences exist, especially among racial and ethnic groups. Even though a poor diet and lack of physical activity are attributable factors to being overweight among children, indications exists that geographic location may also be important. In rural areas in the United States, childhood(More)