Crystal L White

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A well documented case of a patient with both Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis is presented. A 29 year old woman underwent resection of her terminal ileum and ascending colon for typical Crohn's disease with ileocolitis. Eleven years later, an ileoproctocolectomy was performed for typical ulcerative colitis involving the left colon. The resection(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To assess the cost of four procedures performed to treat primary menorrhagia. DESIGN Retrospective analysis. Setting. A 394-bed womens' teaching hospital. PATIENTS Eighty healthy women undergoing one of the four procedures. Interventions. The study patients were equally divided among vaginal hysterectomy (VH), total abdominal(More)
Crenosoma vulpis is a nematode lungworm found in wild and domestic canids in some parts of North America and Europe. Reported radiographic findings are nonspecific and consist of a combination of bronchial and interstitial changes of variable severity. This retrospective, case series study aimed to describe thoracic computed tomographic (CT) findings for a(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To compare the safety and cost-effectiveness of disposable and nondisposable infraumbilical laparoscopic cannulas. DESIGN Retrospective review of consecutive laparoscopic procedures performed from July 1, 1988, to June 30, 1994. SETTING A university-affiliated hospital. Patients. The 10,459 consecutive women who underwent laparoscopies.(More)
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