Crystal Hoyer

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Digital inking systems are becoming increasingly popular across a variety of domains. In particular, many systems now allow instructors to write on digital surfaces in the classroom. Yet, our understanding of how people actually use writing in these systems is limited. In this paper, we report on classroom use of writing in one such system, in which the(More)
There has been much research on the benefits of active and collaborative learning and on its use in computer science courses. As classroom technology becomes more prevalent it is natural to develop systems that support the use of these techniques. We have developed such a system as an extension to Classroom Presenter [2], a Tablet PC-based presentation(More)
In this paper, we report on an empirical exploration of digital ink and speech usage in lecture presentation. We studied the video archives of five Master's level Computer Science courses to understand how instructors use ink and speech together while lecturing, and to evaluate techniques for analyzing digital ink. Our interest in understanding how ink and(More)
In this paper, we present a study of how instructors draw diagrams in the process of delivering lectures. We are motivated by wanting to understand challenges and opportunities for automatically analyzing diagrams, and to use this to improve tools to support the delivery of presentations and the viewing of archived lectures. The study was conducted by(More)
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