Crystal D Goertzen

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The topography of forelimb movement representations within the rat motor cortex was examined following forelimb strength training. Adult male rats were allocated to either a Power Reaching, Control Reaching or Non-Reaching Condition. Power Reaching rats were trained to grasp and break progressively larger bundles of dried pasta strands with their preferred(More)
Improving functional recovery following cerebral strokes in humans will likely involve augmenting brain plasticity. This study examined skilled forelimb behavior, neocortical evoked potentials, and movement thresholds to assess cortical electrical stimulation concurrent with rehabilitative forelimb usage following a focal ischemic insult. Adult rats were(More)
People with epilepsy have a high incidence of interictal behavioural problems that appear to be related to the location of their seizure focus. This study investigated a novel test of the hypotheses that repeated seizures result in behavioural deficits and altered performance during the interictal state, and that those behaviours are related to the presence(More)
Long-term depression (LTD) is one of the most widely investigated models of the synaptic mechanisms underlying learning and memory. Previous research has shown that induction of LTD in the neocortex decreases measures of pyramidal cell dendritic morphology in both layers III and V. Here, we investigated the effects of LTD induction on 1) the time course of(More)
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