Crystal Compton

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Smart fabrics allow for convenient wearable sensing solutions to monitor body movements during our daily life. However, garment-integrated sensing presents challenges for accurate sensing, due many variables including those presented by variability in garment and sensor dimensions due to cut-and-sew manufacturing processes, and those introduced by(More)
Establishing a range of sizes for apparel that can effectively fit the body shapes of a diverse population is a complex task, that for ready-to-wear (RTW) apparel is often reduced to a solution that is cost-feasible, if not optimal. While prototype garments are developed with specific fit objectives relative to an individual fit model, that shape is made(More)
10 Deenition18 (Basically closed dependency class). A class of dependencies D is basically closed if for every translation scheme which consists only of projections and joins, and every D # () D. The following table shows how diierent types of translation schemes change the types of dependencies: From the table we can conclude that the FD's, TGD's and PGD's(More)
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