Crystal Compton

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During the SEEK-2 Rocket Campaign in August 2002, a Dual Band Beacon (DBB) transmitting to Ground Receivers provided unique data on E-Region electron densities. Information from two rocket beacons and four ground receivers yielded multiple samples of E-region horizontal and vertical variations. The radio beacon measurements were made at four sites(More)
Smart fabrics allow for convenient wearable sensing solutions to monitor body movements during our daily life. However, garment-integrated sensing presents challenges for accurate sensing, due many variables including those presented by variability in garment and sensor dimensions due to cut-and-sew manufacturing processes, and those introduced by(More)
Establishing a range of sizes for apparel that can effectively fit the body shapes of a diverse population is a complex task, that for ready-to-wear (RTW) apparel is often reduced to a solution that is cost-feasible, if not optimal. While prototype garments are developed with specific fit objectives relative to an individual fit model, that shape is made(More)
The auditory cortex of cats, anaesthetised with Dial, has been stimulated directly with electric pulses and indirectly by means of acoustic clicks. The responses evoked by shocks may be analyzed in five distinguishable components. A comparison of the responses to these two types of stimulation suggests that the 5-component analysis may also be valid for(More)
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