Crystal Broussard

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Steadily rising breast cancer rates in America's women are forcing more men to confront challenges of living with a partner afflicted with this disease. This study assesses teh impact of mutual emotional support as perceived by male partners on their adjustment to the diagnosis and the illness and on interactions between their perceived emotional support nd(More)
The continuing increase in cancer rates among women in the United States is forcing more men to experience the impact of breast cancer on their relationships. Using 71 male partners of newly diagnosed breast cancer patients, this study assessed how dyadic coping strategies affected men's adjustment to their partners' illness. While their partners were(More)
Hospice social workers and members of the interdisciplinary team develop close therapeutic relationships with patients and families as they journey toward death. During this process, situations can develop that challenge professional boundaries and blur the line between a professional and personal relationship. This article will examine professional(More)
Few articles report on youth's perceptions about health-related issues and needs and even fewer have given voice to youth with disabilities, chronic health conditions, or youth in therapeutic foster care. The purpose of this study was to explore perceptions of health issues from the perspectives of youth placed in therapeutic foster care, youth with chronic(More)
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