Crystal Bertoncini

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Simultaneously achieving the objective of high data rate communications that is resistant to interference (RTI) is a challenging problem. Communications systems typically operate at a reduced information rate for RTI operation. To achieve the objective of high data rate and RTI operation, we have developed a modulation called Frequency Position Modulation(More)
Unintentional modulations of the electromagnetic signal of radio-frequency (RF) emitters are used to identify individual sources of signals as unique from emitters of the same type in a procedure known as RF fingerprinting. It allows for the identification and tracking of physical threats, prevention of unauthorized access, and detecting cloning of(More)
Periodontal disease is one of the most pervasive dental diseases in older adults. It involves the loss of connective tissue attachment with subsequent destruction of tooth-supporting bone, leading to loss of teeth. Periodontal pocket depth is currently measured with an invasive manual probe, but adapting diagnostic ultrasound to this purpose can avoid the(More)
Periodontal disease, commonly known as gum disease, affects millions of Americans. The current method of detecting periodontal disease is painful, invasive, and inaccurate. As an alternative to manual probing, the ultrasonographic periodontal probe is being developed to use RF ultrasound waveforms to measure periodontal pocket depth, which is the main(More)
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