Crystal Ball

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_ Results are presented from studies of the inclusive photon spectra in hadronic decays of the ‘I’ and ‘I’ and the exclusive channel ‘I’ -+ 7r’I -+ @+f?-, by the Crystal Ball detector at DORIS II. We measure two signals in the ‘I” -+ 7 + anything inclusive channel at E(r) = 108.3 f 0.9 f 3.0 MeV and at E(r) = 127.5 f 1.2 f 4.0 MeV. Branching ratios obtained(More)
The Crystal Ball detector is a device particularly suited to the measurement of photons with energies lower than 1 GeV. As shown in Fig. 1, the detector has as its principal component a 16 radiation length,thick highly segmented shell of NaI(TL) surrounding cylindrical proportional and nagnetostrictive spark chambers. The main Ball and various elements of(More)
Amgen is building a new drug substance manufacturing site in Singapore (ASM). This project identified and mitigated the risks associated with implementing analytical technologies to facilitate the design and implementation of the quality control process in the new plant. Here, a systematic risk evaluation model was established to identify sources of high(More)
The average properties of the gamma ray entry region and the decay from it are studied systematically, for 49 nuclear systems, in the spin spectrometer. Preliminary results are given for the mass the neutron number dependence of the gamma ray fold distribution and of unresolved .., spectra. The possibility of gating simultaneously on narrow regions of fold(More)
We describe the design and function of a new time and space resolved x-ray spectrometer for use in Z-pinch inertial confinement fusion and radiation source development experiments. The spectrometer is designed to measure x-rays in the range of 0.5-1.5 Å (8-25 keV) with a spectral resolution λ/Δλ ∼ 400. The purpose of this spectrometer is to measure the(More)
High quality absorption spectroscopy measurements were recently achieved at the Sandia National Laboratories Z facility in the soft x-ray range. Detailed spectral resolution knowledge is a key requirement for their interpretation. We present a methodology for measuring the wavelength dependent crystal spectral resolution, with a particular focus on the 7-17(More)
When trying to improve antibiotic processes that are already high yielding, real industrial problems have to be faced. These include the use of organisms with non-ideal growth and recombination cycles, and problems of scale up from the laboratory to the main production plant. Many of the principles derived from academic studies have to be radically modified(More)
In health care today, it is hard to predict next week, much less try to predict a few years into the future. Health care may have once been a stable environment with short intervals of significant change, but clearly we have moved into an era of constant change with infinitesimally short periods of stability. Global change for health care is coming, and(More)
Crystal balls are generally considered as a medium to perform divination or fortune-telling. These imaginations are mainly from some fantasy films and fictions, in which an augur can see into past, present, or future through a crystal ball. With the different impressions, crystal ball has revealed itself a perfect interface for the users to access and to(More)