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The influence of cognitive growth in working memory (WM) on mathematical problem solution accuracy was examined in elementary school children (N ϭ 353) at risk and not at risk for serious math problem solving difficulties. A battery of tests was administered that assessed problem solving, achievement, and cognitive processing (WM, inhibition, naming speed,(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the components of working memory (WM) that underlie less skilled readers' comprehension and word recognition difficulties. Performance of 3 less skilled reading subgroups---children with reading disabilities (RD) in both word recognition and comprehension; children with comprehension deficits only; and children(More)
We studied the ossific nuclei on radiographs of the feet of three stillborn infants, two with club feet, relating the size, position and alignment of each nucleus to the cartilaginous talus or calcaneum in which it lay. Anteroposterior projections of the nucleus of the talus show deformity of that bone as well as subtalar malalignment. Lateral projections(More)
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