Crysta J. Metcalf

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In this paper, we describe the development and field trial of a second screen iTV experience called FanFeeds. FanFeeds is a second screen application that allows authoring and consumption of time synchronized secondary content around TV shows. FanFeeds are created by one's social circle as a companion experience to TV shows. For the purpose of concept(More)
We present the results of two studies on social television concepts. In one study, a social TV prototype was tested in the field, allowing groups of users watching television at home to talk to each other over an audio link. Specific patterns of use are described, showing that users did perceive the system as valuable. In another study, focus groups were(More)
We describe the results of two ethnographic-style studies that investigated consumer use of photos and music respectively. Although the studies were designed, executed, and analyzed separately, in our findings we discovered striking similarities between the ways in which our participants used personally captured photos and commercially purchased music.(More)
Social television applications have emerged as a potentially valuable convergence of media and communication, but questions remain about the utility and nature of the communication experiences they will provide. We present our study of STV3, an application that adds freeform text and voice chat capabilities to the conventional television-viewing experience.(More)
We report on a field evaluation of a prototype social television system (Social TV) that incorporates lightweight messaging as well as ambient awareness of user presence on the system. This evaluation was conducted over a two-week period and involved the participation of ten households. Participants appreciated the ability to see their buddies' presence on(More)
We examine how ambient displays can augment social television. Social TV 2 is an interactive television solution that incorporates two ambient displays to convey to participants an aggregate view of their friends' current TV-watching status. Social TV 2 also allows users to see which television shows friends and family are watching and send lightweight(More)
With the rise in highly capable, mobile and networked secondary devices, the two-screen Enhanced TV is a more plausible proposition today than ever before. This paper presents a field trial of a prototype that aimed to understand a conceptual merger of TV and second screen user experiences. Our prototype concept can be described as a companion device(More)