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Unusual relationship between the piriform muscle and sciatic, inferior gluteal and posterior femoral cutaneous nerves. Int. SUMMARY: Piriformis muscle syndrome has been increasingly recognized as a cause of leg pain. Overuse, strain, or anatomical variations of the relationship between the nerve and the piriformis muscle are thought to be the underlying(More)
S U M M ARY The normal ratio between the amplitude of the sensory evoked potential (SEP) at the wrist on stimulating digits 1, 2, 3, and 5 was determined in 44 healthy adult subjects. The first digit had the larger amplitude, and the fifth digit the smallest SEP. The amplitude expresses the density of sensory innervation in each finger. The ratio between(More)
Several studies in multiple sclerosis (MS) suggest a trend of increasing disease frequency in women during the last decades. A direct comparison of gender ratio trends among MS populations from Argentina remains to be carried out. The objective of the study was to compare gender ratio trends, over a 50-year span in MS populations from Argentina. METHODS(More)
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