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Knowledge about different aspects of software quality during software evolution can be valuable information for developers and project managers. It helps to reduce the number of defects and improves the internal structure of software. However, determining software’s quality and structure in heterogeneous systems is a difficult task. In this paper, a(More)
The primary goal of software repositories is to store the source code of software during its development. Developers constantly store small parts (i.e. software modifications) of code into the repository and share those parts with others until the software is finished. However, software repositories store a significant amount of information about software(More)
Project "Towards the better software metrics tool" is a bilateral project between Slovenia and Serbia. It was supported by Ministries of Sciences of both countries. The main goal of this project was to detect the main difficulties in application of software metrics in practice and to deal with them by development of a more useful software metrics tool.(More)
The aim of every software product is to achieve an appropriate level of software quality. Developers and designers are trying to produce readable, reliable, maintainable, reusable and testable code. To help achieve these goals, several approaches have been utilized. In this paper, refactoring technique was used to evaluate software quality with a quality(More)
Software organizations are always looking for approaches that help improve the quality and productivity of developed software products. Quality software is easy to maintain and reduces the cost of software development. The Software Factories (SF) approach is one of the approaches to provide such benefits. In this paper, the quality and productivity benefits(More)
Software engineers strive to understand software’s evolution and make software better and more reliable. In the last decade, software’s life cycle became an interesting research area. However, software evolution could be analyzed from different aspects. In the study, we focused on analyzing structural software changes between software’s versions. We used(More)
In this paper we introduce Linked Data driven development, a lightweight methodology for using Linked Data throughout the software life cycle. We explain the idea of Linked Data and how it plays an important role in the semantic web. Furthermore, we describe the necessary steps and approaches when using Linked Data for improving the software development(More)
Accurate functional size measurement is essential for a software project's success. A modern software development approach uses many additional tools that increase developers' productivity. The model driven software development approach (MDSD) uses engines for the generation of some parts of a system and its functionalities. Furthermore, there is a gap(More)
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