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Motion sickness: part II--a clinical study based on surgery of cerebral hemisphere lesions.
: Man has always been intrigued with the localization of function within the brain but has paid insufficient attention to the long and the short association fiber pathways which, when stimulated, mayExpand
Motion sickness: part I--a theory.
It is suggested that the term "motion sickness" might be applied to earthly symptoms of dizziness, nausea, and vomiting--such as encountered ascending in an elevator or tossing about on the sea--for they are primarily related to the inner ear, the peripheral or end organ. Expand
Motion sickness: part III--a clinical study based on surgery of posterior fossa tumors.
The authors believe that it might be well to consider further testing in a vertical or oblique plane rather than only in a centrifugal horizontal one, as this method would tend to cause uncal herniation more readily. Expand