Cristopher Drake

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The distribution and determinants of tooth loss in older adults are poorly defined, especially in Blacks, who have been underrepresented in previous studies. This study investigated, epidemiologically, the distribution and predictors of tooth loss in elder Blacks and Whites by following a random sample of older adults in North Carolina for three years. It(More)
Survivin is strongly expressed in embryonic organs and in tumor cells but is low or absent in differentiated normal tissues. Resting endothelium expresses low levels of survivin but can up-regulate its synthesis on activation to proliferate. The mechanisms responsible for survivin down-regulation in resting conditions are still unknown. We report here that(More)
The longevity of 1,207 restorations placed by students was studied in 70 adult patients. The overall percentage of restorations lasting ten years or more (P10) was 75.4 percent and survival times were longer than in most previous restoration longevity studies. Cast restorations lasted significantly longer than amalgams, which in turn lasted significantly(More)
This study investigated tooth loss in North Carolina adults 65 years of age or older. A random sample of 335 Blacks and 284 Whites participated in dental examinations and interviews at baseline and again after 18 months. Blacks were more likely than Whites to lose at least one tooth (36% vs 19%), and they lost more teeth on average (1.0 vs 0.4). Several(More)
This study is concerned with establishing a morphological basis for the initiation of migration of putative myogenic cells from the somites into the presumptive wing bud in avian embryos. At the 22 somite stage (stage 14) vasculogenesis is a prevalent activity. By use of a quail specific monoclonal antibody to vascular endothelial cells, vascular cells are(More)
Cediranib (4-[(4-fluoro-2-methyl-1H-indol-5-yl)oxy]-6-methoxy-7-[3-(1-pyrrolidinyl)propoxy]quinazoline; RECENTIN), a vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) of all three VEGF receptors, is currently in Phase III clinical trials for the first-line treatment of colorectal cancer and the treatment of recurrent glioblastoma.(More)
Fibronectin has been localized to basement membranes and cell surfaces with the light microscope by fluorescent staining of thick sections, and with the TEM by immunoperoxidase reaction. However, these methods are limited because it is difficult to appreciate the patterned distribution of fibronectin from sectioned material. We have developed a probe for(More)
A random sample of 1019 elderly home dwelling persons participated in this study. There were 809 dentate respondents, 28.6% of whom wore removable partial dentures. They were examined for coronal and root caries, gingival recession, pocket depth and loss of gingival attachment. The removable partial dentures were also evaluated. Abutment teeth were found to(More)
This study investigated salivary levels of Streptococcus mutans, lactobacilli, and caries experience in a random sample of 448 black and 362 white older dentate adults living in North Carolina. Significant proportions of the participants had stimulated salivary flow rates less than 1.0 mL/min, salivary buffering capacity less than 4.0, S. mutans levels of(More)
The data presented in this paper are from the Piedmont 65+ Dental Study (1988-1991), designed to assess the levels of coronal and root caries, periodontal disease, tooth loss, and a variety of dental health-related needs among a representative sample of 234 black and 218 white noninstitutionalized older adults in North Carolina. Of the 452 subjects followed(More)