Cristopher Doss

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High precision landing of CEVs plays a vital role in ensuring safe and reliable mission on space exploration. This paper considers the problem of automatic landing control of CEV along a given path with specific landing orientations/attitudes. We formulate it as a 3D trajectory tracking problem and present a robust and adaptive landing control strategy. To(More)
This paper introduces a design process for a R-S-T digital controller for a power factor correction circuit (PFC). This method is based on pole placement via R-S-T polynomials. The design is based on the desired time domain specification of the current and voltage loops of a PFC presented as a discretized second order s domain transfer function for voltage(More)
In the world of airborne systems, there are a variety of determinations and calculations that must be performed not only accurately, but within critical time limits. For military aircraft, these components are inherently embedded into the avionics flight software (AFS) as well as the stores management system (SMS). Among the various weapon ranging(More)
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