Cristopher Camacho

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We have designed and synthesized a π-conjugated system that consists of a flexible and nonplanar π joint and two emissive rigid and planar wings. This molecular system exhibits respectively red, green, and blue (RGB) emission from a single-component luminophore in different environments, namely in polymer matrix, in solution, and in crystals. The flexible(More)
The hybridization of flexible and rigid π-conjugated frameworks is a potent concept for producing new functional materials. In this article, a series of multifluorescent flapping π systems that combine a flexible cyclooctatetraene (COT) core and rigid aceneimide wings with various π-conjugation lengths has been designed and synthesized, and their(More)
Smooth and selective: Upon photoirradiation, bis(3-alkenyl-2-thienyl)acetylenes smoothly and selectively undergo double 5-exo-dig cyclization to produce a series of thiophene-fused pentafulvalenes with various aryl substituents. In this fused π-conjugated skeleton, the fused thiophene rings and the aryl substituents significantly modulate the electronic(More)
Liquid crystal (LC) provides a suitable platform to exploit structural motions of molecules in a condensed phase. Amplification of the structural changes enables a variety of technologies not only in LC displays but also in other applications. Until very recently, however, a practical use of LCs for removable adhesives has not been explored, although a(More)
The size-dependent ultraviolet/visible photophysical property trends of [n]cycloparaphenylenes ([n]CPPs, n = 6, 8, and 10) are theoretically investigated using quantum dynamics simulations. For geometry optimizations on the ground- and excited-state Born-Oppenheimer potential energy surfaces (PESs), we employ density functional theory (DFT) and(More)
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