Cristobald de Kerchove

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The paper introduces a novel algorithm derived from the PageRank algorithm of Brin and Page. The PageRank algorithm interprets an hyperlink from page a to page b as being a positive vote from a to b. Starting from this interpretation , it attributes a rank to each page. However, it does not offer the possibility to take into account negative votes. The(More)
The paper introduces a novel iterative method that assigns a reputation to n + m items: n raters and m objects. Each rater evaluates a subset of objects leading to a n × m rating matrix with a certain sparsity pattern. From this rating matrix we give a nonlinear formula to define the reputation of raters and objects. We also provide an iterative algorithm(More)
We study the propagation of information in social networks. To do so, we focus on a cascade model where nodes are infected with probability p_{1} after their first contact with the information and with probability p_{2} at all subsequent contacts. The diffusion starts from one random node and leads to a cascade of infection. It is shown that first and(More)
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