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An experimental study of acoustic emission methodology for in service condition monitoring of wind turbine blades
A laboratory study is reported regarding fatigue damage growth monitoring in a complete 45.7 m long wind turbine blade typically designed for a 2 MW generator. The main purpose of this study was toExpand
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Time-Frequency Analysis of Long Range Ultrasonic Signals
Long range ultrasonic testing (LRUT) is a relatively new development within the non-destructive testing sector. Traditionally, conventional ultrasonic testing (UT) is performed at high frequencies,Expand
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Wave Mode Discrimination of Coded Ultrasonic Guided Waves Using Two-Dimensional Compressed Pulse Analysis
Ultrasonic guided waves testing is a technique successfully used in many industrial scenarios worldwide. For many complex applications, the dispersive nature and multimode behavior of the techniqueExpand
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Elastohydrodynamic film thickness response to harmonic vibrations
Many machine components, which work in the Elastohydrodynamic (EHD) lubrication regime, including transportation bearings, reciprocating engines, geared transmissions also experience vibrations,Expand
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A Pattern Recognition Approach to Acoustic Emission Data Originating from Fatigue of Wind Turbine Blades
The identification of particular types of damage in wind turbine blades using acoustic emission (AE) techniques is a significant emerging field. Expand
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Acoustic emission monitoring of fatigue crack growth in mooring chains
Offshore installations are subject to perpetual fatigue loading and are usually very hard to inspect. Close visual inspection from the turret is usually too hazardous for divers and is not possibleExpand
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Structural Health Monitoring Methodology for Wind Turbine Blades using Acoustic Emission
A laboratory study is reported regarding fatigue damage growth monitoring in a complete 45.7m long wind turbine blade. The main purpose of this study was to investigate the feasibility of in-serviceExpand
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Application of Bayesian estimation to structural health monitoring of fatigue cracks in welded steel pipe
Abstract Vibration induced fatigue is a well-known problem in oil and gas piping systems. However the use of vibration data to detect damage is not an easy task without a priori knowledge of theExpand
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Destructive Testing of Open Rotor Propeller Blades for Extreme Operation Conditions
Due to the complexity of composite material, accurate manufacturing is very complicated and carry over a large number of uncertainties, the process of optimization and validation being of primaryExpand