Cristina Vargas

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A new nonsymmetric As(OH)(3) species that is more stable than the C(3) structure is found at HF, Density Functional Theory (B3LYP), MP2, MP4 and CCSD(T) levels with the Stuttgart RECP-basis for As and the aug-cc-pvdz/pvtz extended basis sets. Transition state (TS) geometries are close to the C(3) one. Energy differences and interconversion barriers become(More)
Pineapple production in Costa Rica increased nearly 300-fold during the last 30 yr, and >40,000 hectares of land are currently dedicated to this crop. At the end of the pineapple cropping cycle, plants are chopped and residues incorporated into the soil in preparation for replanting. Associated with increased pineapple production has been a large increase(More)
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