Cristina Turrini

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In this paper we describe, from a theoretical point of view, critical configurations for the projective reconstruction of a set of points, for a single view, i.e. for calibration of a camera, in the case of projections from ℙk to ℙ2 for k ≥ 4. We give first a general result describing these critical loci in ℙk, which, if irreducible, are algebraic varieties(More)
We describe a method to compute the internal parameters (focal and principal point) of a camera with known position and orientation, based on the observation of two or more conics on a known plane. The conics can even be degenerate (e.g., pairs of lines). The proposed method can be used to re-estimate the internal parameters of a fully calibrated camera(More)
In the context of multiple view geometry in any dimension, we compute the minimum number of views necessary for projective reconstruction of both the set of cameras and of scenes. Within a unified approach to critical configurations and their loci, the paper focuses on the case of dynamic scenes of multiple bodies traveling along parallel straight-line(More)
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