Cristina Stan

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PURPOSE I tried to establish if the atmospheric factors such as: temperature, pressure, humidity of the air, wind, had any influence on the onset of acute uveitis. METHOD This study was made on 597 cases with acute uveitis hospitalized in the Eye Clinic--Cluj-Napoca, between 1983-1991. CONCLUSION During winter, in the region of Cluj, acute uveitis(More)
In the framework of multifractal detrended cross-correlation analysis, we investigate characteristics of series of length of coding and non-coding DNA sequences of some bacteria and archaea. We propose the use of a multifractal cross-correlation series that can be defined for any pair of equal lengths data sequences (or time series) and that can be(More)
Using chaos game representation we introduce a novel and straightforward method for identifying similarities/dissimilarities between DNA sequences of the same type, from different organisms. A matrix is associated to each CGR pattern and the similarities result from the comparison between the matrices of the sequences of interest. Three different methods of(More)
Visual field testing is a subjective method, but yet a very important part for diagnosis and in follow-up of ocular or neurological diseases. In order to do a correct exam of the visual field, one must know well the equipment and all the factors that could induce errors. Basic skills for working with Optopol or Humphrey perimeter are discussed in this paper.
Dry eye syndrome remains a constant health problem while more and more patients are being involved and final data concerning the etiopathology is still missing. This study investigates the hypothesis that ocular surgery inflicts damage on the tear production (regarding quantity, quality or the compositional aspect). Ocular symptoms were registered with the(More)
Supposing the fact that atropine has antispastic effect on blood vessels, we studied the variation of blood flow in ophthalmic artery, central retinal artery and ciliary arteries, by Doppler ultrasound. We used 1 ml Atropine 1@1000 in parabulbar administration to 17 eyes with neuro-retinal diseases and the arterial flow was registered for 3 times: before(More)
PURPOSE Analyzing how mutch mental or physical stress influences the elevation of intraocular pressure (lOP) and therefore the influence of stress over the progress of primary open angle glaucoma (POAG), monitoring the changes of the glaucoma parameters that occur either under stress or under normal life conditions. METHODS Observational analytical(More)