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AIM OF THE STUDY Clinical evaluation of patients with the diagnosis of Sturge-Weber syndrome (encephalotrigeminal angiomathosis) for establishing an accurate diagnosis and therapy. MATERIAL AND METHOD The paper presents 5 cases of encephalotrigeminal angiomathosis (4 of them associating glaucoma) admitted in our clinic in the last 5 years, pointing out(More)
PURPOSE I tried to establish if the atmospheric factors such as: temperature, pressure, humidity of the air, wind, had any influence on the onset of acute uveitis. METHOD This study was made on 597 cases with acute uveitis hospitalized in the Eye Clinic--Cluj-Napoca, between 1983-1991. CONCLUSION During winter, in the region of Cluj, acute uveitis(More)
In the framework of multifractal detrended cross-correlation analysis, we investigate characteristics of series of length of coding and non-coding DNA sequences of some bacteria and archaea. We propose the use of a multifractal cross-correlation series that can be defined for any pair of equal lengths data sequences (or time series) and that can be(More)
Using chaos game representation we introduce a novel and straightforward method for identifying similarities/dissimilarities between DNA sequences of the same type, from different organisms. A matrix is associated to each CGR pattern and the similarities result from the comparison between the matrices of the sequences of interest. Three different methods of(More)
HYPOTHESIS The variation of the meteorological factors could be a stress for the organism, which could determine the start of some diseases. MATERIAL AND METHOD We studied 252 cases of herpes simplex keratitis which had been hospitalized in Eye Clinic of Cluj between 1983-1991. The selection criteria were: known diagnosis; day of the rise could be exactly(More)
Primary Open Angle Glaucoma (POAG) is a chronic, irreversible optic neuropathy leading to the progressive death of retinal ganglion cells, clinically observed as silent visual field loss along with a decrease in colour and contrast sensitivity. Multiple pathogenic theories have been issued and some of them have proven their involvement in disease(More)
AIMS To assess the role of the common inflammatory mechanism in the pathogenesis of the dry eye syndrome. METHODS 64 patients with eye surface symptoms were studied using a diagnostic algorithm: questionnaire (eye symptoms were graded and a symptomatology SCORE was calculated), objective eye examination (including Schirmer's test and the tear film breakup(More)
Macular edema is the first cause of visual impairment in diabetic patient. This paper is a retrospective evaluation of a group of patients with diabetic retinopathy and macular edema, treated with intravitreal Avastin (Bevacizumab) injection. The patients have been monitored mainly by assessing the evolution of visual acuity and macular thickness (OCT),(More)
Patient hospitalized for angle closure glaucoma in right eye underwent trabeculectomies in both eyes. In the right eye, six months after surgery, he presented intraocular hypertension, shallow anterior chamber and cataract, considered to be intumescent cataract. The left eye (operated six months after the right eye) showed same signs two weeks after(More)